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Scientist who is officially participating in judging the science of a film

Nicholas Percival

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Nicholas Percival is one of the main science judges this year for the festival. Nick graduated from Harvard in 1964 with a degree in Physics. That started a, now, 45 year focus on the Twin Paradox and from those studies a unique view of the relation

Harry Hamlin Ricker III

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Meet a Science Judge Harry Ricker’s first dissident scientific paper was titled “Report On The Discovery Of Intellestellar Dust Filaments”. It reflects his interest in astronomy and astrophyscs, which was stimulated by his astronomy

Glenn Borchardt

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A geologist by trade, Glenn Borchardt is the Director of the Progressive Science Institute, in Berkeley (, Borchardt published The Ten Assumptions of Science: Toward a New Scientific Worldview (iUniverse, 2004), in which

David de Hilster

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David de Hilster is a documentary filmmaker, visual artist, and computer scientist in the area of artificial intelligence specializing in getting computers to understand human language. In the early 1990s, de Hilster was supported by the Los Angeles

Greg Volk

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Greg attended Stanford from 1979 to 1984 as an electrical engineer and also took the entire core undergraduate curriculum in physics. Although he did not complete my masters in signal processing, but did work in optical character recognition (OCR) an

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