First Screening at SciFlix

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With the opening of the SciFlix Film Festival together with the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society, the first screening was a wonderfully emotional event.

Barry Setterfield and his production team talked with the audience via video conferencing after screening one hour of the “Anomalies” DVD series on the speed of light. Barry has spent over 30 years of this life studying data that falls outside the norm of mainstream science. His pioneering work on the speed of light is just one of them.

It was especially emotional because of Barry’s current health with a rare disease.

Part of the mission statement of SciFlix is to honor pioneering scientists and their filmmakers for their work in their lifetimes.

Too often we loose great scientists without our scientific community giving them the recognition they deserve.

Congrats Barry and your team! You are WELL deserving and your work that is found on this DVD lecture series will be viewed for many years after we are all gone.

You can purchase Barry’s DVD series “Anomalies” from his website at:


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