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ScientificWorldviewA geologist by trade, Glenn Borchardt is the Director of the Progressive Science Institute, in Berkeley (, Borchardt published The Ten Assumptions of Science: Toward a New Scientific Worldview (iUniverse, 2004), in which he outlined ten fundamental, non-provable beliefs that served as the foundation of all scientific investigation. The opposing assumptions, just as non-provable, were considered the foundation for belief in the supernatural. His assumption of microcosmic and macrocosmic infinity is a thread running through each of the assumptions. Their suitability was shown by their consupponibility, that is, if one can assume one of them, one can assume all the others without contradiction. The work was published when conventional scientific theory admitted to few assumptions, though the belief in finity and matterless motion clearly was manifested in the popularity of the Big Bang Theory. Borchardt’s assumptions implied that the universe had no origin.

Science Judge

Glenn is uniquely qualified to be a science judge or critic given his work with the ten assumptions of science. He is often the “concept” police with the other scientist in the CNPS who use conflicting assumption or the wrong vocabulary, words, or concepts when talking about science. ¬†Glenn is also an expert at categorizing the philosophy of scientists, theories, and films.


NeoMechanicsGlenn Borchardt has written some of the most sentinal books in science starting with the Ten Assumptions of Science, The Scientific Worldview, and his latest in collaboration with Steve Puetz, The Universal Cycle Theory. Borchardt’s latest book is perhaps his greatest where he outlines the theory of Neo Mechanics.


Another claim to fame is Dr. Borchardt’s assumption of infinity which is the basis for all his work.

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