Join Our Ground-Breaking Festival!

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We are creating a science film festival that is unique in the world: one where documentarians and filmmakers alike allow for questioning of the basic assumptions and science behind science films.

Work Local or Long Distance

Whether you are in Southern Florida, or Southern Mongolia, you can help!  We are currently needing film critics and experts to help us with the judging process. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection.

Our Celebrities are Scientists, Not Hollywood

hs2Film Festivals are often places where film lovers build nests to attract Hollywood and Celebrities. It is almost always a vanity game. Or, there are film festivals which claim not to be in bed with Hollywood but are in bed with very “esoteric”, “social intellects” which don’t pride themselves in films that appeal to their film fetishes and not to the public.

These types of environments are not conducive to accepting films form mainstream audiences like “Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year”. The gatekeepers at film festivals simply proport to know more than the public in general and do not challenge mainstream science, but continue to repeat its stories like “black holes”, “relativity”, and the “big bang”.

Science Judge and Film Judge

artvsscienceScience is the judge in this film festival and blindly accepting the science as true is frowned upon.  After all, documentary filmmakers pride themselves of finding injustices but because they want to be perceived as “smart”, they don’t challenge mainstream science.

This film festival has a science judge along side the film judge and are of equal importance.  This means Academy Award winning films with science could get a high rating from the film critic, and a very low one from the science critic.

Critics on the Cutting Edge

You won’t find the typical science evangelists you always see on TV at our film festival or at Ted conferences.  You will find scientists who are challenging mainstream science who are not afraid to ask the hard questions about the universe and current theory.

This festival is in conjunction with the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society and uses some of its science members to judge the science in the films.

Join Us!

Currently, we are looking for film judges who have experience in the film industry.

If you are wanting to get onto the ground floor of this great event, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at 310-991-5744 (Eastern time, USA), or at

About Us

We showcase science films and filmmakers that challenge mainstream science spanning the topics of scientific injustice, new science, challenging mainstream science, and science conspiracies