Journey To A Miracle

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SciFlixAwardMainstreamThis is a science story of the many medical researchers who discovered a new type of diabetes, namely, monogenic diabetes that usually sees onset in infancy to youth. The great thing is that through further research it was found that this type of diabetes could be managed by taking a pill rather than with insulin shots and also provides better health for the patient.

Well told, plus very powerfully told by way of the children helped and their parents and even the emotional impact on the doctors and medical researchers.

Very professional, heartwarming story about a lot of doctors and medical researchers working together to identify a variety of diabetes that was unknown and, hence, people were being misdiagnosed and the researchers found the appropriate treatment (pills – no insulin injections). Main focus is on the affected and cured children and their parents and the effects of the success on the researchers. This is about mainstream science.

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