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This movie festival’s philosophy will shock you at first, but then it will make sense. We accept all science films from the “mainstream” documentaries like “Particle Fever”, to the truly conspiratorial that say the US government was directly involved in 9/11, to other documentaries that try to reveal real scientific injustice like “Cosmology Quest”.

We’ve come up with a system that will rate each one of these films on their scientific merit, level of conspiracy, technical merit, and finally entertainment value. The question is why?

The answer is simple: no one is doing this.  Either people only include one area like mainstream science (film festivals), or they include the conspiracy films (like some internet sites), or they fall into no-man’s land like Cosmology Quest and Einstein Wrong. Film festivals never consider conspiracy films or dissident science films (see my article on Why Mainstream Science is Stuck), and all that are out there are the mainstream science films like An Inconvenient Truth, or Particle Fever or What the Bleep.

This now has changed.  The reason we can do this film festival is because this film festival is affiliated with scientists from the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society who are not afraid to look at truth.  They are not afraid to see the sheep-like following and non-questioning of films like Particle Fever which are based on the “unicorn world” of particle physics, and are not afraid to say that a conspiracy film is based on speculation.

But most importantly, they are also not afraid to give a home and embrace films that truly take science problems head-on and given those filmmakers a voice.

Sad but True

This is very sad. Imagine, documentarians pride themselves in exposing injustice around the world.  The moment a real, entertaining, well-edited film like Einstein Wrong comes along, they immediately dismiss it as crackpot without real investigation.  Again, I explain this in another article (Why Mainstream Science is Stuck).

Shame on them! They embrace abuse of humans around the globe they close their eyes to billions of dollars being spent trying to find unicorns and putting up Einstein on a pedestal when in fact relativity is fatally flawed.

Shame on the documentarians, shame on the film festivals, shame on everyone!

Finally a Place

So we take the mission on of embracing all documentary and science films and put them in their rightful place, putting films like Cosmology Quest and Einstein Wrong ahead of cowardice films like Particle Fever who are lobbyists for mainstream science.

We put the brave documentarians who are not afraid of the mainstream demagoguery and who put the real heros of science in the forefront.

And we put conspiracy films in their place – some good, some bad, but we consider them all.

Our Rating System

Thus, we have this rating system.

Unique to SciFlix is our rating and scoring system.  Here is how we rate and score each film:

[sciflix type=”rating-table”]

About Us

We showcase science films and filmmakers that challenge mainstream science spanning the topics of scientific injustice, new science, challenging mainstream science, and science conspiracies