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Entertainment: 7 science: 5 Speculation: 2 Conspiracy: 2

SciFlixAwardHonorableMentionThis is a documentary expose of a manufacturing industry scandal. Many products in their list of ingredients include “fragrance”. However, “fragrance” may include dozens of chemicals. Those chemical don’t need to be made known to the consumer or to the government. Hence, they are not really covered by any safety laws.

One of the main threads follows a father whose wife died of cancer and who is raising two young girls (“tweens”). He buys them some PJs at an upscale store but they smell bad so he tries to track down what chemicals are in the PJs – he’s stonewalled by the retailer, manufacturer and government. He sends to a provate lab for analysis and among other things they find a chemical that has been banned since the 70s because its carcinogenic.

This is a most important topic. It’s about science (chemical effects on humans) and about corporate irresponsibility greed and politics.

There’s not a lot of science, but the science seems accurate.

Story about how many commercial products legally contain chemicals that are not listed on the label and not reported to the government and how weak the law and the EPA is in this regard. Many carcinogens and destructive-to-health ingredients are in products including those that have been banned for being carcinogens.

The film explores a wide range of subtopics from manufacturers to trade group lobbyists to politicians to retailers to scientists. A heartwarming, personal story weaves through parts of the film. Much like the prior film, it’s high quality, just a bit less good than the first one, but this one also has, from our perspective, the added element of the “dissident” battling government backed “science” and being proved right. The “dissident” didn’t prove that established science was wrong – he was really using accepted science and serious data gathering to fight bad politics. As in the prior film, rather than a dissident scientist, he was a science outsider and a dissident to the politics of greed.

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