Anomalies – A Journey of Scientific Discovery

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This set of four films which articulate what science, in particular physics/astronomy, should be doing. Barry Setterfield begins by noticing that the measurements for the speed of light have given declining for over 300 years. Most scientists simply ignored or found seemingly plausible reasons for dismissing the data. However, Setterfield analyzed the “plausible reasons for dismissal” and found them wanting.

Next Barry looked at the data for measurements of Planck’s Constant and found them to be rising over time. Next Barry looked at the astronomical data for redshift in light from distant galaxies and found some more “unaddressed anomalies”. All of this took decades of research on his own in relative obscurity – with only a few from academia saying, “Wow, that’s interesting!”

Setterfield’s approach is great science. He looks for anomalies in the data and then sees where those anomalies lead. In contract, mainstream physics, astronomy and cosmology have established theories and seem focused on verifying and building on those established theories. Anomalies in the data are just ignored or some math bridge is built to reconcile them with established theories.

Setterfield went further and showed that while some alleged constants increased in value and others decreased, the equations yielding energy produced constant energy values, because the rise in one constant was offset by the decline in another constant. Setterfield went on to explain these anomalies in terms of the zero point energy of space and in terms of plasmas.

A lifetime of work has brought to light anomalies in the data (i.e., data that does not fit with currently accepted theories) – a major accomplishment in and of itself – and further has made good progress in explaining these anomalies.

Some Reviews from their Website

Larry Uland, Indiana: “I am enjoying the DVD’s thoroughly; and remain amazed at how Barry is able to comprehend the BIG picture, synthesize it into a unified concept, and then simplify it so laymen (like me) can grasp it.”

Christie Michas, California: “I watched all 4 parts of Barry’s Anomalies DVD this evening and thought it was AWESOME! My degree (1976) was a biology major/chemistry minor so I have minimal physics or astronomy background. However, Barry’s presentation was so clearly explained that it really helped me understand the basic ideas. I am looking forward to reading your book about the Bible and Geology. Thank you for all your dedication, hard work, and commitment to seeking the truth. I am deeply appreciative and grateful to be able to learn from the fascinating material you have produced.”


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